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First published in 1947, the fifth edition of Scottish Hill Tracks was published in 2011. It's a unique resource with detailed maps of 344 routes that walkers, cyclists, riders and runners can use to explore the paths, old roads and rights of way which criss-cross Scotland's hill country, from the Borders to Caithness.  However, the countryside does not standstill.  It changes making the information in the book dated.  So this page provides a way to keep your copy up to date until the next edition is printed.

Here you will find all the changes and corrections to the fifth edition of Scottish Hill Tracks that we are aware of.  You will also find the views of people such as horse riders as to which routes are easiest to use.

If you follow one of the routes why not let us know what the journey was like?  Is the description in the book still accurate or has something changed?  Is a grid reference in the book not quite right? Is it a stunning walk, but a horrible cycle?

You can help keep Scottish Hill Tracks accurate by sending your corrections and changes information to the office. If you don't have your own copy yet you can buy one in our shop.


SECTION 2 Central & South-West Borders

ROUTE 11 Eskdalemuir to Craik (and Hawick or Roberton)

16/8/2017  It was reported by cyclists trying to go from Eskdalemuir to Craik that at point NT 267 007  they found no path or track only felled forest which was very rutted. They were forced to turn back.

ROUTE 17 Drumelzier to St Mary’s Loch

A horse rider has reported: An excellent riding route to do after a spell of dry weather.  Some nasty bogs on the top rule this out if the ground is wet.

ROUTE 18 Broughton to Stobo and Peebles

A horse rider has reported: Excellent route for riders.  Well waymarked.  Horses should not use the walkers’ bridges but it is easy to go round or through the small ditches and burns.

ROUTE 19 Stobo to Manor Valley

A horse rider has reported: The first part of this route is an excellent ride. The next section from Glenrath not recommended for horses as it is very steep, rough and boggy.

ROUTE 20 Peebles to Cappercleuch (St Mary’s Loch) by the Manor Valley

In line 7 ‘turns E’ should be ‘turns W’.

A horse rider has reported: The bridge at NT216355 needs checking.  Some sections of this track often wired off.  The track from Manor Head is ride-able, though the Manor side is quite boggy, especially at the Megget/Manor march, and the Megget side very stony.

ROUTE 23 Traquair to Yarrow Valley

A horse rider has reported: Can be rather boggy near Glengaber.

ROUTE 24 Traquair to Yarrowford or Selkirk by Minch Moor

Line 9 NT410318 should be NT420318.

ROUTE 26 Ashiestiel to Broadmeadows

Line 3 NT350430 should be NT430350.

SECTION 3  Lammermuir & Moorfoot Hills

ROUTE 37 Soutra Aisle to Melrose by the Girthgate

Report received September 2015 about path improvement and new signposting near Overhowden, resulting in a change from SHT(2011)37's described alignment back onto the line used by the 2004 edition:  

Para 2 3rd sentence from Oxton. 'At the cross roads (NT497536) turn right, and go SW uphill by road and continue on a path (signposted) on the same line alongside the dyke to join the track from Overhowden. After more than 1km, at NT477507 west of Collie Law, go left uphill etc...


SECTION 4  Pentland Hills


A report received August 2015 about a newly waymarked diversion:

From Kirknewton Station go W along Station Road for 350m. Turn left into Leyden Road and follow this under the railway south for about 2km before taking the track west by Selm Muir Wood for 500m and then the new waymarked path uphill passing Leyden House Wigwams and skirting Corston Hill to Little Vantage where there is a small car park (NT 101628) .  The path etc......


ROUTE 53 Auchengray to West Linton

The Start point should be NS995542 not NS994524.


SECTION 5 Clydesdale & Lowther Hills

ROUTE 58 Douglas to Wanlockhead

The Finish point shown as NS885146 should be at Wanlockhead which is NS875130.


SECTION 6 Galloway & South Ayrshire

ROUTE 72 Polmaddie to Cairsphairn by the Pack Road

March 2016 It was reported that the route in the forest area from NX590880 to NX575901 is very difficult to follow and if travelling south from Carsphairn the route after entering the forest south of NX575901 ‘is impassable being knee deep bog and water’.

ROUTE 74 Glentrool Village to The Merrick (and return)

It was reported in June 2012 that Culsharg Bothy has been re roofed and windowed by the Forestry Commission and is now useable.


SECTION 7 Arran, Inverclyde & North Ayrshire

ROUTE 94 Eaglesham to Darvel by the Weavers’ Trail

August 2013. Difficulties reported in following this route south from NS566465.  After a considerable detour to the west it was possible to rejoin the route at NS576437.


SECTION 9 Southern Highlands

ROUTE 121 Balquhidder to Killin by Glen Dochart

A horse rider has reported: First section through forestry on a good track.  At the march fence climb right-handed up to a gate to the right of the walkers’ stile.  Through the gate bear left and down to rejoin the footpath. Once through the pass it becomes very boggy but possible if you dismount and lead.  Above Ledcharrie the old railway line is blocked off.  NO access for horses.

ROUTE 123 Callander to Ardvorlich (Loch Earn)

21/11/2016 It is reported that: The Bridge at NN 642130 has been rebuilt by the estate as part of a micro-hydroelectric project just completed. A new track goes north to the Reservoir and the track to Arivurichardich branches right.
Also there is now no longer a footbridge below the junction of streams in the Gleann an Dubh Choirein and fording the water near the ruined bothy of Dubh Choirein could be tricky (i.e. wet feet).

ROUTE 124 Callander to Comrie by Glen Artney

21/11/2016 it is reported that there is now no longer a footbridge below the junction of streams in the Gleann an Dubh Choirein and fording the water near the ruined bothy of Dubh Choirein could be tricky (i.e. wet feet). This is at the junction with SHT 123.  The track to the north of Glen Artney is a lovely ride but in the wooded section there is a steep muddy gorge to negotiate and a boggy section which is safer if you stick to the old track.

ROUTE 125 Comrie to Ardeonaig(Loch Tay) by Glen Lednock

A horse rider has reported: Not recommended for horses. The track over the hill from the head of Loch is indistinct and in places very boggy.

It was reported in June 2013 that access to this route from the north end at Ardeonaig is no longer possible due to fencing by the local farmers, although the signpost is still there.  The Stirling Council Access Officer subsequently reported that this problem is now logged and will be investigated in due course, which might not be quick due to resource shortages. 


SECTION 11 Glen Coe & Appin

ROUTE 137 Bridge of Orchy to Bridge of Awe

A report received February 2018: The path has fallen into the river around Luib a’Ghobain at OS 241 421, requires walkers to hang from fence over deep water. More undercutting is likely to occur.

ROUTE 139 Bonawe (Loch Etive) to Glen Etive

A report received in April 2013 indicated the following change to the start of the route: From Bonawe, where cars can be parked, go through the precincts of the Bonawe Quarry, keeping to the landward side where a diversion is currently indicated about 250 metres (not 30 metres, as the sign says) beyond the entrance gate on the left/west side of the quarry road, starting between two large boulders and avoiding the main quarry machinery.


SECTION 13 Loch Leven to Glen Spean

ROUTE 157 Corrour Station (Loch Ossian) to Fersit (Glen Spean)

Line 4  NN378775 should be NN392768

ROUTE 159 Corrour Station (Loch Ossian) to Spean Bridge

It was reported in January 2012 that the bridge at Creaguaineach Lodge is in poor repair and may become dangerous.  It is hoped that British Alcan will be doing some work there.  This is an important bridge as the river is often in a dangerous state and there is no quick alternative route.


SECTION 14 Ardgour, Moidart & Morven

ROUTE163 Bunavullin (Morvern) to Liddesdale (Loch Sunart)

Line 12  NM662593 should be NM662591


SECTION 15 West Mounth & Sidlaw Hills

ROUTE 174 Dunkeld to Kirkmichael by Lochan Oisinneach Mor

A report received in July 2013 about the route north of Lochan Oisinneach identified the following: From Lochan Oisinneach take a path northwards to a gate in a wall at NO 043567. From this point there is a well-signed path with several signposts to Kirkmichael but at the beginning it is not on an Explorer or Landranger map.  At NO 047574 turn left to join the track from Pitcarmick Loch, which is on Explorer Map No 387 but not on the Landranger Map No 53, but at NO 055583 the path appears in the Landranger map No 53.  As it says in the Scottish Hill Tracks there is no evidence on the ground of the path from Lochan Oisinneach to Mains of Glenderby NO 040596, which appears in the Explorer Map 387 and in the Landranger Map No 53.  I can confirm this from ploughing through bogs to look for it!  After joining the path from Pitcarmick Loch the path is obvious but the next signpost is a considerable distance at NO 073583 where the route turns left and leaves the path on the map and follows a well signed route through new metal gates in the fences and past a ruined croft (Upper Balchrochan), and down to Balchrochan NO 080591 just off the Cateran Trail.  If you carry straight on at this sign NO 073583 and follow the path on the maps you come out on the Cateran Trail at Delvey NO 083573.  The new finger signpost indicating the route to Dunkeld from Kirkmichael is on the Cateran Trail on the right side of a bend in the gravel road going south NO 080591, one kilometre south of Kirkmichael.

ROUTE 176 Blairgowrie to Kirkmichael

The Start Point should be NO180453 not NO150448.

ROUTE 178 Aldclune (Killiecrankie) to Kirkmichael by Glen Girnag

Line 4.  NN927653 should be NN929655.

ROUTE 180 Kirkmichael to Upper Glen Tilt by Glen Fearnach

The Finish Point should be NO986798 not NO986796.

ROUTE 184 Alyth to Glenshee and Kirkmichael

Line 8. The ‘telephone box’ should read ‘telephone exchange’.


SECTION 17 Cairngorms

ROUTE 203 Blair Atholl or Calvine to Ruthven Barracks or Tromie Bridge (Kingussie) by the Minigaig Pass

It has been reported in February 2016 that the bridge at NN753923 has gone leaving no easy crossing of the Tromie for this route above Glen Tromie Lodge. The bridge at Bhran Cottage NN755912 has also gone.

ROUTE 205 Speyside (Drumguish or Feshiebridge) to Deeside (Linn of Dee) by Glen Feshie and Glen Geldie

It has been reported in January 2013 that Highland Council have posted notices in Glen Feshie saying that the bridge over the Allt Chromhraig (a photo of which is on page 160 of SHT 5th edition) is closed. However the damage, caused by undermining of one buttress, is not terminal and the bridge can still be crossed at user`s risk. The bridge feels stable when crossing, with no hint of movement and the metal structure is firmly on top of the concrete plinth. If in doubt there is a ford a few hundred yards up stream.

Because of further problems, reported in November 2013, with the Carnachuin bridge, referred to in the second paragraph on page 160, the third sentence beginning ‘The estate hope..’ should be replaced with: ‘The estate had intended to replace it but have postponed this indefinitely and instead have upgraded the path to the bridge site on the east bank. This is reached either from Auchlean or by crossing the Feshie at the “pony bridge” at NN851965. Once at the site of the old Carnachuin bridge follow the track…’

It has been reported in January 2016 that the more easterly of the two bridges near Baileguish has been washed away. This is the bridge at NN827983. 

It is reported in December 2016 that the Glen Feshie estate have salvaged the bridge and replaced it intact a few hundred yards upstream. It is now firmly established just south of the ford marked on the map at NN826979 . The estate have also made two short connecting paths to and from the existing landrover track.

ROUTE 210 Nethy Bridge to Tomintoul

The Start & Finish grid references should be changed to NJ001206 and NJ149202.

ROUTE 211 Invercauld (Deeside) to Tomintoul by Loch Builg and Glen Avon

The Start Point should be NO187910 not NO187913


SECTION 19 Monadh Liath

ROUTE 230 Boat of Garten to Tomatin by General Wade’s Military Road

Report received in August 2013 - At NH875213, where Wade’s Road crosses the Carrbridge Road, the gate northwards appears to be padlocked.  There is however evidence of people climbing over the wire fence.  Further report that gate is sometimes locked and sometimes not locked. In any event for equestrian use the diversion via NCN7 looks a better route.

ROUTE 233 Kingussie to Tomatin by the River Findhorn

End of first para NH771070 should be NH717070


SECTION 20 Loch Eil to Glen Shiel

ROUTE 246 Strathan (Loch Arkaig) to Inverie (Loch Nevis)

Report received  in January 2018 that the Carnach suspension bridge has been severely damaged and is closed.

A replacement bridge is planned; keep an eye on the news section of the ScotWays website for updates.


SECTION 21 Glen Affric, Kintail & Strathfarrar

ROUTES 269 to 273 ‘Green box’ on page 200

Access information is subject to change and it is essential to check the Mountaineering Scotland website for current details.

ROUTE 278 Stromeferry to Loch Long and Dornie

It was reported in May 2013 that the stile over the deer fence at NG930339 is no longer there.

ROUTE 282 Strathconon (Scardroy) to Inver (Achnasheen)

Start Point should be NH226519 not NH219520

ROUTE 285 Strathconon (Scardroy) to Craig (Glen Carron)

Line 3. Replace wording in brackets with ‘(adjacent open bothy with electric light and heating)’.


SECTION 22 Mull & Skye

ROUTE 289 Kinloch (Isleornsay) to Kylerhea

Start Point should be NG693166 (also on line 5), not NG693165.


SECTION 23 Wester Ross

ROUTE 301 Achnashellach (Glen Carron) to Glen Torridon

It was reported in April 2014 that the bridge at Torran-cuilinn was closed. Further reports on this would be welcome.

ROUTE 308 Incheril (Kinlochewe) to Poolewe

This route is shown incorrectly on the Section 23 map

ROUTE 314 Dundonnell to the head of Loch Broom (Croftown)

Third paragraph ‘Continue down the edge of the wood’.  It is reported that a new path has been constructed down the edge of the wood taking you down to Croftown.


SECTION 24 Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross

ROUTE  319  Strath Rusdale (Alness) to Ardgay (Dornoch Firth)

On second last line - Option (b) Grid Ref NH594880 should be NH594886

ROUTE 328 Lochinver to Inchnadamph

Line 4. NC202245 should be NC194245.